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White Beaded Dots Nomadic Camel Milking Baskets


These useful rare baskets are woven by Samburu and Rendille women in remote northern Kenya. Called "nomadic baskets," the baskets are styled for the modern home but based on traditional designs used for the storage of camel's milk.

Nomadic baskets are sold in three useful nesting sizes and are adorned with white beads

Because these baskets are handcrafted, each will vary slightly

Each basket is tightly knit and is designed to last a lifetime

4.5" D x 4" H 

Founded over 20 years ago, Swahili Modern crafts handmade products providing a particularly vital employment option for rural African women. Creating products from home around daily responsibilities empowers rural women as earners, while working together on orders brings communities together and highlights the power of teamwork. We feel that by following fair trade principles, we offer our partners across Africa the means to build stronger homes and communities by their own design.