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Wilde House Paper

Weekly List Pad


A Wilde Woman essential – Introducing the new & improved minimal desk accessory to organize your week & be your best self.

9.25’’ x 6’’ – improved design + larger size

Pad of 52 pages of luxe recycled paper in beach speckle. High quality color printing. Chipboard backing for durability

Handmade in San Luis Obispo, California, creative duo Megan Heddinger and Connor Drechsler lead Wildehouse Paper. Megan is a multifaceted creative who is the visionary behind all things design, while Connor is an intuitive “generalist” who runs all realms of the business. Wildehouse is dedicated to choosing sustainable choices whenever possible: they use recycled paper, are 100% USA made, and have partnered with One Tree Planted to plant one tree for every order placed.