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Unpaper Towels - Neutral on White Set/8

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These Unpaper Towels have a waffle like texture, wash great, and are absorbent. Keep these on your counter as a paper towel replacement.


Uses: under freshly rinsed berries, as a napkin, wiping counters or hands, cleaning, under bacon, etc.

100% cotton

Set of 8


10" x 12"

Maker Story

Jennifer Zamuidio, owner of Dot & Army, began sewing with her mother when she was eight years old, and fell in love with the fact that she could make beautiful, everyday things with her hands. Dot & Army is located in coastal Georgia and is family owned and run, with Jennifer and her mother working full time in the shop, and her husband + kids working on edging napkins, cutting tags, stamping bags, and cleaning up. 

Inspired by large family dinners centered around being together + sharing stories, Dot & Army's goal is to make everyday, sustainable essentials that will help you take care of your family, entertain your friends, and add simple beauty to you home.