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Tonga Winnowing Basket


The contrast of dry palm leaves and vines create a variety of designs and patterns in these handwoven baskets from southern Zambia. Traditionally used for winnowing grain they add depth and warmth to any home.


Due to the handmade nature of this product, each basket is unique!

Handmade in Zambia

Palm Leaves

Natural Color


17″w x 3″h

Maker Story

Handwoven in Africa, Bamboula is a 30 year old business based in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. Guided by fair trade principals, founder Jasperdean Kobes created Bamboula after working in Africa in the Peace Corps. With the mission to create regular work and income for artisan partners in rural areas in Africa, they assist partners in building sustainable businesses in their local communities. Most artisan partners are women who are also responsible for growing food for their families.