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The Object Enthusiast

Terracotta Faceted Vessel No. 6


Handmade by artist Emily Reinhardt, The Object Enthusiast designs and creates her ceramics in the downtown Crossroads district of Kansas City. The purchase supports Emily and her team of lady artisans who create vessels that we hope will become heirlooms for the modern traditionalists.

This geometric handmade unglazed terracotta planter is finished with a sprinkle of 22k gold luster accents. The planter features an unglazed interior with four drain holes perfect for plants and comes paired with a matching glazed drain plate.

- Handmade Earthenware Ceramic Planter and Drain Plate

- Unglazed terracotta and gold

- 7"H x 6.5" W

- Made in Kansas City, MO USA

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