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Design Ideas

Takara Centerpiece


This beautiful golden-toned wood has been prized by modernist designers and traditional wood craftsmen in Indonesia for its resistance to cracking or warping. For generations now, these village craftsmen have extracted the roots and worked them into beautiful household products with a unique, organic nature that animates their creations.


Food Safe

Made of Teak

Resistant to cracking or warping

Due to the handmade and natural features of this product, each piece has its own unique look


11.8" x 11.8" x 0.8"

Maker Story

Designed in Springfield, IL and ethically made in several overseas locations. Design Ideas is a brother-sister team that was formed in 1983, for 25 years they have sought out recycled, repurosed and sustainably-produced materials. Their passion for exploring ideas and inspired designs has led to the development of a full range of functional, fashion-forward home furnishings and accessories that appeal to a broad range of design-conscious consumers. They are constantly striving to find new ways, new forms, new methods, and new materials - to express timeless sentiments, to celebrate time-honored seasons in your home.