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Storm Cutlery Trio Set

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Ethically made in Shanghai, China, Ekobo is a tabletop and homewares brand made from renewable bamboo and other eco-friendly materials.  Ekobo collects sawdust that is shed from cutting and shaping bamboo chopsticks and bamboo flooring and grinds the non-transformed organic bamboo “waste” material to a fine powder that is then mixed with a food-safe resin to create durable, long-lasting objects.  They chose an ethical factory in China for it's proximity to 80% of the world's bamboo and to be near all of the chopstick factories.  The Founders, Franco-American duo Bruno & Boo Louis, creative process is fueled by their own growing family of 3 girls.

- Includes fork, knife and spoon

- Storm

- 100% non-toxic

- Great for indoors or outdoors

- Dishwasher-safe

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