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Hawkins New York

Simple Marble Drink Rocks - Set of 6


These Marble Drink Rocks provide the perfect cool to the liquor of your choice. Keep 'em in the freezer, for serving that special bottle, allowing your beverage to cool without diluting your drink. Scotch never had it so good.

Assorted Stones (Marble, Quartz, Sodalite)

1.25" L x 1.25" W x 1.25" H

Made in India


Handmade with artisan partners in India, Portugal and Thailand, Hawkins was founded to merge artisanal collective production a modern design sensibility. Founded in 2013 by Nicholas Blaine + Paul Denoly, Nick, coming from a fashion and visual merchandising background, brings a taste for clean, modern, and muted design. Paul, comes from a background in product development and buying, offers a strong sensibility for color, texture, and organic form.