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Kate Kilmurray

Silver Potholder


Inspired by the simple nostalgia of weaving on a metal loom, these contemporary hand weavings are a durable and stylish addition to any kitchen. They are a wonderful choice for a simple housewarming gift, Mother's Day or for any occasion. 



100% cotton

Woven with love and mindful care in Ojai, California.


6" x 6"

Maker Story

Kate Kilmurray came from a long line of women who worked with their hands, which inspired her to pursue a career in the visual arts. She believes that by incorporating handweavings in our homes, we can bring more depth, beauty, and meaning to our daily lives. When Kate rediscovered weaving, a practice taught to her by her grandmother, she remembered something that we, as a culture, have forgotten—we can always access inner stillness and peace through simple, embodied practices. By using our hands in craft and contemplation, we can quiet the mind and reconnect with our innate creative essence. Kate has developed a gorgeous line of handwoven potholders and textiles that will help you reconnect stillness and intention to your space.