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Broken Top Candle Co

Saguaro Reed Diffuser


This Saguaro Cactus scent is a spicy floral creation made up of cactus jade flower, agave, moss and aloe. This scent is a true representation of walking into a florist shop and experiencing the aroma of fresh cut flowers, stem trimmings, and botanical soaked water. 


Ingredients: Clean Diffuser Base, Fragrance Oils.


2" l x 2" w x 9" h

Maker Story

Handmade in Bend, Orgeon, Broken Top Candle Co was founded in 2015, producing candles that are vegan, gulten free, paraben free and phthlate free.  Every scent in their collection has been developed to have its own unique expression; notes blended from a personal catalog of family traditions, then evolved and expressed in modern context. Both familiar and unexpected.