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Cody Foster & Co.

Rainbow Tree - Grey


These colored trees, meticulously crafted from bottle brush, wire, and wood, make decorating for the holidays simple and exciting. From light pink to a deep grey, the color options add a great bit of diversity to your ensemble. 

Sizes: 6" 8" Light, 8" Dark, 11" 12" 16"

Each tree sold individually. 

Cody Foster learned craft-making from his grandmother, Isa Foster, while growing up in the Midwest and thus began Cody Foster & Co. in high school. The business has grown and prospered over the years but stays true to it small-town, family-owned roots. Located in Valentine, a frontier town in the picturesque Sand Hills region of central Nebraska, Cody Foster & Co. draws inspiration from many sources, but especially from offbeat vintage pieces and unconventional antiques. Handmade with love, we think that any item from Cody Foster & Co. is a joyful addition to your home.