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Will & Atlas

Palm Leaf Woven Bowl - Jumbo


Handwoven by Fair Trade Artisans in Bangladesh, this Jumbo Woven Bowl is the perfect storage option or display piece.  Expertly woven from Palm leaves, these baskets are strong, stylish & bring gorgeous natural texture to any space.

Size: 20" D (at top) x 8" H x 12" D (at base)

Will & Atlas was born from their love of, and lifelong quest for, quality handmade objects. Items that spark familiarity at first sight. The painting that makes you smile every time you pass, the basket that fits "just so" next to your favorite chair, the tote bag that always seems to hold everything you need... These are the items that Will & Atlas seeks, procures + offers. From the skill of Fair Trade Artisans to the timeless craftsmanship of French Antiques... Every piece was made by human hands and has a story behind it.