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Convivial Productions

Minimal Sand Bowl


Handmade in Kansas City, Missouri, Convivial Productions began in 2014 as a one woman show led by founder Chentell Shannon, wheel-throwing out of a home garage.  They have grown since, operating out of a 2500 sq ft space now, but still handcraft each piece using traditional ceramic processes.  They use 100% recycleable materials for all shipping, put a huge emphasis on reducing waste and have started a program to do art installations with the pieces broken in normal everyday ceramics production. 

We love the Sand color of this simple and beautiful everyday dinnerware.  Founder Chantell is a Hawaii native, and the Sand clay body is a proprietary blend, designed to embody the subtle warmth and grit of Hawaiian sand

- 6.75”D x 3”H, 28 oz.

- White Stoneware

- Microwave, Dishwasher, Food Safe

- Handmade in Kansas City, Missouri

    Due to the recent COVID-19 news, our Prairie Village location will be closed but we are still taking online orders

    - Loving you from afar, the G&P gals