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Marley & Alfie

Lucky Yarn Horseshoe Playa del Sol


What is more lucky than a horseshoe? A horseshoe carefully adorned and wrapped in bright hand-dyed yarn. Hang this colorful horseshoe over your door, on a wall in any room or use it as a paperweight or coffee table accent piece. These steel horseshoes are reclaimed from a family ranch. We love that they carry a story and look so pretty.

Why we love Marley & Alfie:

With a background in business, interior design and a love of creating; Cindy took the austere, yet stunning horseshoe and adorned it in vibrant colors and lush textures. Marley & Alfie embodies the eclectic spirit of the west coast.

- 4" x 4"

- Steel, hand-dyed yarn

- Made in California

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