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Sobremesa by Greenheart

Large Roly Poly Decanter


Ethically made by artisans in Guatemala, this purchase supports workshops and cooperatives dedicated to the sustainable production of wood and glass pieces. Sobremeasa proudly partners with artisans all over the word and helps to create jobs that earn them a living wage, provide health insurance, and support families.

We love this wood and recycled glass decanter whether empty or full on your bar (although much more love for a full decanter, always).  The artisans crush and melt down broken discarded glass and hand blow the molten fragments into fresh recycled pieces.

- 6.25" D x 8.5" H, 56 oz

- Handblown

- Made in Guatemala

Due to the recent COVID-19 news, our Prairie Village location will be closed but we are still taking online orders

- Loving you from afar, the G&P gals