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LSA International

Large Metropole City Vase


These three interlocking vases are all mouth blown by master glassblowers. The graphic silhouettes are inspired by the geometry of Brutalist, Eastern Bloc architecture.


Mouth-blown glass

Interlocking shapes

Inspired by Brutalist architecture

Due to its handmade nature, the size of this item may vary slightly.


Style 1: 15.75" h

Style 2: 13" h

Style 3: 11.25" h

Maker Story

LSA International was co-founded in 1960s London by Janusz Lubkowski, during a period of cultural and social change. His belief in a diversity of ideas and passion for contemporary design ensured this handmade glass company thrived. Inspired by the way people live and with a sustainable approach, LSA International crafts each product by hand, with reduced environmental impact - their intention is to create useful, relevant products which endure in quality and style.