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Angus & Celeste

Large Buff Sandstone Plant Pot


Ethically made in China, Angus and Celeste founders Keir Angus Mac Donald and Asha Celeste Cato started out making pots inspired by their love of color and the natural world. Unable to keep up with the demand of hand-making every item the designers began to collaborate with carefully selected ceramic experts abroad. They have developed close and personal partnerships with each pottery producing their goods, and every design sees an ethical, intimate and hands-on relationship throughout all stages of the manufacturing process with regular visits from the founders. All Angus & Celeste designs are developed in house in Australia and are completely unique.

Adding plants to minimalist spaces is an ideal way to bring color without overpowering the state of simplicity and this planter was designed with minimalists in mind.  Designed to be directly planted into, each planter is equipped with a drainage hole and is coupled with a deep drip tray to help keep your plants healthy.

- 10"d x 9"h


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