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Hawkins New York

Ivory Dinner Napkin - Set of 4


You got a lil something there... Ah, that's better. The chicest way to wipe your mouth and soak up spills at the dinner table, in a solid hand-dyed fringed cotton. Rinse and reuse and cross one more thing off the list of stuff that's heading to the landfill.

Material: 100% Cotton

Size: 18"L x 18"W, set of 4

Machine washable, lay flat to dry + do not bleach.

Handmade with artisan partners in India, Portugal and Thailand, Hawkins was founded to merge artisanal collective production a modern design sensibility. Founded in 2013 by Nicholas Blaine + Paul Denoly, Nick, coming from a fashion and visual merchandising background, brings a taste for clean, modern, and muted design. Paul, comes from a background in product development and buying, offers a strong sensibility for color, texture, and organic form.