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Blu Dot

Happy Days Shelving 4 Shelf


Wood shelves and metal blocks stack without the need for hardware forming beautiful voids and cubbies to house all things in a perfectly curated manner. Two widths of foot and shelf blocks celebrate asymmetry while bringing stability and visual appeal.

41"h x 81"l x x 14"w x 11" individual shelf height

Wood shelves with white oak or walnut veneers

Powder-coated steel

Anti-tip hardware kit included

Click here for information on assembly + care.

Ethically made in Minneapolis and overseas, Blu Dot was founded in 1997 by 3 college friends, 2 architects and a sculptor. After school, they went looking for modern designed furniture to furnish their first homes, but the things they could afford they didn't like, and the things they liked they couldn't afford. Their main goal is to create great quality furniture that meets 3 main criteria: affordable, useful and desirable.