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Four Hands

Hammond Chair


Retro vibes, brought to modern speed. Solid parawood forms an open, structured frame for feather-blend seating with tan top-grain leather upholstery.


 Sheepskin: 100% Polyester, Solid Parawood

Sienna: Top Grain Leather, Solid Parawood


29"w x 35.5"d x 27.5"h

Maker Story

From early backpacking trips through Southeast Asia to their continued exploration of the world’s cities, villages and back alley markets, Four Hands has been on an endless quest for inspiration. Their tenacious curiosity ensures that no design opportunity is missed as they merge the cultures, experiences and materials of their travels into the wide range of interior styles for which Four Hands is known. We love the transparency + honesty in which Four Hands shares information, along with their artfully curated showrooms and dedication to creativity.