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Auntie Oti

Green Napkin Set of 6


This napkin set of 6 is made from traditional mens' handkerchiefs, and is a part of a constantly changing assortment of patterns and colors.


Set of 6

100% Cotton Khadi - fabric woven by hand, made of hand-spun yarn.

Each of these items is vintage, and may vary slightly from the picture shown. 


18″ x 18″

Maker Story

Handspun by craftspeople in small, government-sponsored weaving groups all across the country, Auntie Oti began in 2011 with the mission of spotlighting traditional, everyday Indian items. Their pieces are simple, comfortable and timeless, all using cotton khadi as a base. Explore a tiny slice of India's beauty and love of craftsmanship that has dazzled the world for centuries in Auntie Oti's small collection of humble, handmade + vintage pieces.