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Ghanaian Natural Changing Basket Leather Handles


Handwoven from durable elephant grass with leather-wrapped carry handles, this shallow basket creates a stylish space for your little one's diapers and clothes to be changed. A fresh take on the traditional changing table or mat for the nursery, it can also be used for storing toys, books, and more after your little one has outgrown it.

These baskets are handcrafted by Ghanaian weavers

28"- 30" L x 15"-16" W x 4" H

Measurements may vary slightly due to the handcrafted nature of this basket

CAUTION: Baby should not be left unattended on dresser/table top or basket placed on slippery surfaces. Although very sturdy, this is not a carrying device, and babies must be carried separately from the basket when being moved

Founded over 20 years ago, Swahili Modern crafts handmade products providing a particularly vital employment option for rural African women. Creating products from home around daily responsibilities empowers rural women as earners, while working together on orders brings communities together and highlights the power of teamwork. We feel that by following fair trade principles, we offer our partners across Africa the means to build stronger homes and communities by their own design.