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Journey of Something

Flora - 1000 Piece Puzzle


Welcome to the designer world of Adult Puzzles! This puzzle was specially designed for Adults with a soft spot for that calming pass time of putting together a puzzle (sipping on a glass of wine).


Frame your puzzle after completing to make a stylish artwork in your home.

Material: Recycled paper


70cm x 50cm when assembled (1000 pieces)


Meet the Artist Behind Flora+ :

Based in Berlin, Clare Celeste Börsch is a celebrated collage and installation artist who's dedicated to raising awareness around sustainability and biodiversity.

Maker Story

Nicola and Lauren are the brains behind ‘Journey of Something’, a designer puzzle brand with a lot of style and a great sense of humour! Journey of Something is a combination of stylish design and the love of puzzles. All of their images are carefully selected from their favourite artists and are designed to be framed after they have been completed - the perfect house decor to enjoy in the future. Plus, whenever you see it, you'll get to think "Yeah, I did that."