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Circle & Line

Double Arc Wall Hanging Bronze

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Handmade in Texas, Circle & Line is an Austin-based design studio that produces beautiful, elegant home goods pared down to the simplest elements and forms. Founder Corie Humble spent much of her career as a leather designer and originally came to mobiles after considering jewelry. She instantly fell in love with the challenge of making the pieces balance and has quickly built a Texas based business where each employee is an artist producing work out of their Austin studio.

- Bronze

- 17 H

- This wall hanging is made of solid brass, which is lacquered to protect the surface. Although, the lacquer slows down the aging process, the brass is a natural material, and it will naturally darken with age.

Due to the recent COVID-19 news, our Prairie Village location will be closed but we are still taking online orders

- Loving you from afar, the G&P gals