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Dish Scrubs Set/4 - Grey


One of our biggest pet peeves are stinky sponges! We stopped buying grocery store sponges years ago, and switched over to these hand made scrubbies. Seriously durable and abrasive, these hand crocheted scrubbers are not your grandma's crochet work and are able to tackle pots, pans and dishes alike. One will last about 6 months, and some people even say 12 months! 


Set of 4

Safe on all surfaces.

After a few days, simply throw in the top rack of the dishwasher or throw in the washing machine, and air dry.

Dries easily so you can avoid the unpleasant odor of traditional spongers

Holds form and look after repeated use


3.5" x 3.5"

Maker Story

Jennifer Zamuidio, owner of Dot & Army, began sewing with her mother when she was eight years old, and fell in love with the fact that she could make beautiful, everyday things with her hands. Dot & Army is located in coastal Georgia and is family owned and run, with Jennifer and her mother working full time in the shop, and her husband + kids working on edging napkins, cutting tags, stamping bags, and cleaning up. 

Inspired by large family dinners centered around being together + sharing stories, Dot & Army's goal is to make everyday, sustainable essentials that will help you take care of your family, entertain your friends, and add simple beauty to you home.