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Capra Designs

Large Salt + Agave Louise Pot

$98.40 $164.00

Ethically made in Australia and Vietnam, Capra Designs is a Melbourne, Australia based company led by husband and wife team Thomas Wilson and Bianca Lambert.  Thomas is a carpenter by trade, and Bianca is an arts marketer and avid hands-on maker.  After spending years tinkering and making, Bianca honed in on making pots, teaching herself how to create molds, mix pigments to create unique colors and pour resin to design patterns.  

 A simple garden pot shape in an updated modern palette, this size is large enough for some of your big indoor plants (think fiddle leaf fig and birds of paradise).

- Each pot includes a drainage hole and tray

- Pot: ~12"D x 9"H

- Designed in Australia and handmade in Vietnam

- Resin

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