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Clementina Hanging Basket


Your plants will nest happily in this beautiful, one-of-a-kind hanging basket. 


Palm + Tree Bark

Local, natural fibers from Mixteca Oaxaqueña and the Northern Sierra of Puebla 

Due to the fact that every piece is handmade + one-of-a-kind, the shape, size + color may vary slightly. 


5"h x 14"d | 21" hanging height

Maker Story

Rufina empowers + uplifts artisan women in Mexico with the creation of jobs in three different communities through consistent, fair, and well remunerated work. Today, "Proyecto Rufina" collaborates with seventeen women artisans from the Mixteca Oaxaqueña and the Northern Sierra of Puebla; who work with palm and tree bark respectively to create functional, one-of-a-kind objects. Rufina is the bridge between beautiful creations from inspiring mexican craftswomen from the northern mountains of Puebla and a global community in constant search for timeless objects that are functional, artisanal, and ethically crafted.