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Broom Holder - Walnut Puck

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The Broom Holder is Lostine's take on a primitive design reimagined into a modern work of functional art. Hand-crafted with hard maple and walnut, this is the Barn Broom storage solution you’ve been seeking.


To use, simply push your broom handle in from the bottom. Once in place, gravity will create tension with the puck holding your broom neatly in place until needed again.  

Hand-crafted in Pennsylvania.

Hard Maple, Walnut

Installation hardware included


9.5"d x 1.5"h

Maker Story

Handmade in Philadelphia, Lostine is an independent home furnishings company focused on creating a warm "American Modern" aesthetic. They work with small shops and production factories in the U.S. and abroad to responsbily produced home goods.