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Civil Alchemy

Brass Cheese Set


Solid brass pieces can last a lifetime. Untreated - except for a lovely patina over the years. Includes a parmesan knife, cheese knife, & chisel knife.


Made in India


7" Parmesan Knife

8.75" Cheese Knife

6.87" Chisel Knife

Maker Story

Ethically sourced products from Canada, Scotland, Nepal, India, Indonesia, Lithuania, and the United States. Civil Alchemy is a general store, founded by a mother-son duo, that has worked with global artisans to create a line of products to compliment their store, brand, & values. The entrepreneurial family has three businesses and plans for more that all operate within a block of each other, just outside of St. Louis, MO. All of their global suppliers are small-to-medium sized, almost all of which are family owned businesses in the respective country.