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Younger Furniture

Bouty Swivel Chair


We love the u-shaped organic form of the Bouty chair.  Slightly overstuffed but in a tailored way, you can choose between a swivel bottom or black metal legs. 

Fabric Information:

Fabrics that can withstand more double rubs will offer more durability and longer-lasting performance. 

Linen Weave:  92% polyester, 8% linen.  63,000 double rubs

Static Weave:  20% linen, 80% polyester.  50,000 double rubs

Crosshatch:  2% cotton, 2% nylon, 96% polyester.  30,000 double rubs

Pebble Weave 20% linen, 80% polyester.  50,000 double rubs

Natural:  15% linen, 85% cotton.  15000 double rubs

Ridge: 100% polyester, 50,000 double rubs

Sherpa Snow:  100% polyester.  100,000 double rubs

Olive Velvet: 100% cotton.  100,000 double rubs

Chunky Weave Blush:  60% acrylic, 27% polyester, 13% vicoise.  50,000 double rubs

Sherpa Carmel:  71% linen, 13.5% wool, 9.5% vicoise, 6% polyester.  30,000 double rubs


36"W x 30"D x 30"H

Maker Story

Handmade in Thomasville, North Carolina, Younger furniture was founded by Mike Younger in 1989 and is now in its second generation of family leadership, as Mike’s children work to carry his legacy forward. Each piece is hand-built by one craftsman, for one customer, one at a time right here in the USA. From the wood for the frames to the springs, foam, and legs, every element that goes into their furniture is produced within 85 miles of their Thomasville, North Carolina factory.