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Art Series Wall Mount - Mahogany


This Mahogany Wall Mount provides a beautiful + sophisticated way to display your Blacksaw blanket.


Made with Canadian Milled Mahogany

Hand Made & Designed in Canada.


54"w x 2.5"h x 1.5"d

Maker Story

Blacksaw was born on a 14-hour bus ride through the Andean Region of South America, where founders Steph and Kyle Taylor dreamt of creating meaningful possessions worthy of taking up space in ones life, with the intention of being passed on for generations. With an emphasis on well-made, natural, sustainable + purposeful products, Blacksaw creates blankets with the finest + most underrated material on the planet: Alpaca fur. Blacksaw's Alpacas are scattered all throughout the highlands of Peru, roaming free and are individually owned by the villages that raise them, and are sheared annually so they do not overheat in the summer months. Their sheared fur is then beautifully + meaninfully spun into Blacksaw blankets.