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LBE Design

10" Round Two Planter, Olive


LBE planters are meticulously crafted from stoneware and high-fired to ensure enduring beauty and style for generations to come. Round Two is a sleek, two-piece minimalist vessel accompanied by a deep overflow saucer.


Two-piece design includes pot and deep overflow saucer

Glazed inside and out

Ideal for indoor or outdoor applications


10.25"w x 9.25"h

Sized to fit some 10" grower pots with extra room for drainage

Maker Story

Dedicated to uncompromising quality, environmental and social sustainability, and timeless design, LBE Design was co-founded by partners Jon and Veronica Denne in 2018. Through the design and production of beautiful products, LBE Design strives to celebrate global connectedness and provide opportunities for individuals to achieve their aspirations regardless of where they reside.