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Golden & Pine is an ethical home boutique that shares the story behind every design. We have a personal connection with each of the makers to help you curate a livable + interesting home that’s full of stories.

Hi, I'm Stephanie Agne, founder of Golden & Pine. 

I opened G&P in 2016 to make artisan, handmade goods more accessible in my hometown of Kansas City. Once my eyes were opened to the exploitation that goes hand-in-hand with so much of today’s manufacturing, I could never go back to buying all cheap pieces from big box chain stores. As a design lover all my life, I made the career transition from a label-reading dietitian to a transparency-loving retailer. And it’s my dream job!

My husband and I are both from the Kansas City area. Since we got married in 2008, we’ve lived on both coasts -- first in Portland, Maine, and then Palo Alto, California. (That’s where the store name comes from. The Golden State and the pines of New England!) We have two little boys, Ethan and Cole, and a fluffy misbehaved dog named Alice. We’ve renovated one home, are in the process of starting our second renovation and have designed two shop locations now too!

When I buy for the store, I judge every item based on whether I’d bring it into my own home. Is it well-designed? Is the company transparent about manufacturing processes? Are the materials sustainable? Is it good for people, planet and profits? Will it hold up in a family home? I also select items that I know our best customers would love and that fit the season.

At Golden & Pine, we hope to build a community that values a handcrafted lifestyle. I hope that one day the new normal will be sharing the great story behind your latest find, rather than just the great deal.

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