I opened G&P in 2016 with the mission to make artisan, handmade goods more accessible in my hometown of Kansas City. As someone with a lifelong passion for design, I made the career transition from a label-reading dietitian to a transparency loving retailer. And it’s a dreamy job!

The G&P Origin

My husband and I are both from the Kansas City area. We got married in 2008 and have lived from coast to coast: first in Portland, Maine, and then Palo Alto, California. The store name comes from the (great!) Golden State of California and the moody and wonderful pines of Maine! We have two little boys and a fluffy, mostly misbehaved dog named Alice. Together, we have renovated two homes and two brick and mortar shops. We are currently tackling our outdoor spaces but always on the hunt for a new project.

Our Why

Over the years, my eyes have been opened to the exploitation that is present in so much of today’s manufacturing. Once I began to educate myself on this global impact, I personally knew I could never stock a shop with goods that had questionable origins. It was crazy important to me to feel good about how every single item I bring into the shop is made, and I have used this as a guiding principle since the day we opened. This mission, coupled with our curation of all things light, bright, nature-inspired and modern, are what makes up Golden & Pine.

At Golden & Pine, we strive to build a community that values a handcrafted lifestyle. I hope that one day our company will have contributed to a new normal where people share the great story behind their latest find, rather than just a great deal. Thank you for your support!

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