Being Ethical

Golden & Pine’s mission is to make ethical, beautiful home goods accessible to everyone. We share the story behind every design, to help you purchase with purpose.  Every purchase here promotes social good around the world.

         Local Makers

       Global Artisans


        Ethical Factories

We all know the feeling when we invest in a quality fashion piece: you respect the designer, you know the materials were thoughtfully chosen, the manufacturing was fair,  and it feels meaningful and well built. You know it’s special, and you plan to keep it for years and care for it well. You feel connected to it.

That’s the feeling we want you to have with every purchase from Golden & Pine.

   How we do our product sourcing + buying 

 The other guys 

Ethical production is a MUST for us. 

“Once my eyes were opened to the exploitation that goes hand-in-hand with so much of today’s manufacturing, I could never go back to buying cheap pieces from big box chain stores,” says founder Stephanie Agne.

At Golden & Pine, every purchase supports GOOD in the 

world. This is our top priority in selecting every piece we sell. 

Our other priority? Great design, of course.

In your journey to find the best ethical home goods, you’ll find many brands that sell only their own designs, and just a few like us -- stocking all ethical home goods from vendors around the world. Some view us as a guide to the “best of ethical home” and we find that pretty exciting!

That’s our DNA: To curate the most well-designed home goods that are ethically made, whether by indigenous artisans or certified factories or independent makers. We hope you’ll visit us first when you need a new handwoven pillow, artisan-made hand towel, hand poured scented candle or -- we could go on, but you get the point -- anything ethically made for your home. Thank you for your support!