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Armadillo & Co

Ravine Rug


Ethically made by artisan partners in India, Armadillo & Co products are 100% handmade, using Fair Trade practices with natural and sustainable fibers. Your purchase supports the community of artisans who hand make all of their products, including their Armadillo & Co Foundation that funds a school for many children of rug artisans.

- 100% jute

- ~0.60" pile height

- Please email to inquire about custom sizing

- Vacuum your rug regularly as shedding of loose fibers will occur with a new rug
(do not use a rotating or brush head on the vacuum cleaner).

- Promptly clean spills by blotting with a clean, undyed cloth. Do not dry clean
or use harsh chemicals that could damage or fade your rug.

- Never fold your rug for storage or keep in an airtight bag. Avoid direct or continuous exposure to sunlight and rotate your rug to promote even wear.

- Professional cleaning is recommended on occasion to ensure the long life of your rug.

- This rug has a lead time of 2-3 weeks. 

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