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Ximena Rozo

Rosemary Dark Green Wool Pillow Cover 16x24

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Textile designer Ximena Rozo marries traditional craft with modern designs ...and we pretty much love everyone who does that!  She partners with the artisan community at the Hilo Sagrado Foundation, who seek to preserve the cultural heritage of Latin American communities by empowering women to develop sustainable textile production centers.

Deep, dark and moody green with a pop of assymetrical shaggy wool, we love that this pillows is neutral-ish but still super interesting.  We like to see a small lumbar in front of a square pillow or two on the sofa, as a pair with one of each in front of a bed pillow or all on it's own in a chair. 

- Green and cream

- 16 x 24

- Wool

- Handwoven in Columbia

- Dry Clean Only

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