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Meet the Team: Jenna | Store Manager

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Posted on November 23 2020


Whether you’re a store regular, a post-lunch-at-Caffeteria-shopper, an Instagram admirer, or anything in between, we think it’s important that you know the people behind the "pine"… or, more realistically, the cash wrap. In other words: the small but mighty group of hard working ladies that help make Golden & Pine shine. 

First up, we have one of our team's MVPs, who you will most often find leading the team on the sales floor, dreaming up and bringing our wildest window display visions to life, merchandising, styling product, and so much more.




Meet our Store Manager, Jenna!



A bit about me...

I grew up in Kansas City and attended Baker University in Baldwin City, Kansas. After graduating, I took a job in advertising, but soon learned it wasn’t for me. I then jumped headfirst into retail and worked as a Lululemon visual merchandiser for three years. After some time I realized that I wanted to move away from the big chain atmosphere and invest in a specialty store - one with a clear purpose.

After buying my own house, and then moving into a house with my fiancé Eric, I realized how much I love making a house feel like a home and curating my own style. Once I saw the job posting for a Store Manager at Golden and Pine, I was sold.

What being an ethical consumer means to me...

As many of you may know, Golden & Pine's mission is to make ethical, beautiful home goods accessible to everyone. All the vendors at G&P, whether they be local makers or global artisans, are based in ethical production. As that is a pillar at G&P, it's important for those of us who work here to practice what we preach and focus on being ethical consumers ourselves. So to me, I have focused on being thoughtful and considerate with each purchase I make. Being an ethical consumer means I’m digging in to find out more about the product before I purchase it. I want to know who makes it, where it’s made, and how it’s made.

A Golden & Pine maker I admire...

I love the story and intention behind Iris Hantverk. All of the products are ethically made by visually impaired craftsmen in Sweden. This company has been providing employment to these individuals since the 1900s. If you're in the market for some practical yet effortlessly beautiful kitchen and bathroom brushes, Iris Hantverk is an obvious purchase. Here are a few of my favorites:



My style...

While I adore the beautiful, earthy neutrals that have become a staple element of the Golden & Pine aesthetic, my personal style is very much eclectic. I love collecting pieces from different periods and styles and then fusing it all together with fun textures and colors. I find a lot of my favorite pieces thrifting, at estate sales or while I’m traveling - which is a big passion of mine. Whenever I’m on the hunt for something new, I look for things that jump out at me - things that feel fun and exciting. The best part about having an eclectic style is that everything doesn’t need to match. I always try to have one dominant color that ties everything together and then I just build off of that. My sense of fashion leans more toward eclectic too. I’m not scared of color and I love wearing different patterns together.

My favorite Golden & Pine products...

These are just a few of my favorite products at Golden and Pine. You can check out my entire collection of products by clicking here, or searching "Jenna's Collection" on the website. 

Sebastian Rug - Ocean Spice // Desert Bell // Wild Interiors // Smoke Chroma Glass Pitcher // Smoke Chroma Glass // Geometry Tea Towel

My favorite spot in my home...

I can't choose just one favorite spot in my house. My she-shed was a fun quarantine project. Eric and I spent the last couple months flipping an old storage shed in the backyard into my home office. I really wanted a fun statement wall, so I painted it all on my own! A couple other favorite spots are our music room and bedroom. I wanted both to feel extra moody. We’ve got a piano, a couple guitars and a ukulele, so the music room is a must. The dark wallpaper in our bedroom creates the perfect vibe to wind down after a long day.



You can typically find me in the store Tuesday thru Saturday. Stop by if you want to chat about all things bold, eclectic, colorful, and vintage. I look forward to seeing you!




Interested in staying up-to-date on Jenna's go-to decor? Shop her collection HERE, or search "Jenna's Collection" on our website. We will be continuously updating it with her new favorites!

And while Jenna gravitates towards the big cats and lively colors, she is also an expert at discovering our customers' personal style. Come in and chat with her!



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