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Meet the Team - Bella

Written by Golden & Pine -


Posted on February 25 2021

Whether you’re a store regular, a post-lunch-at-Caffeteria-shopper, an Instagram admirer, or anything in between, we think it’s important that you know the people behind the "pine"… or, more realistically, the cash wrap. In other words: the small but mighty group of hard working ladies that help make Golden & Pine shine. 

Time to introduce the youngest member of our team, an Enneagram 7 (the enthusiast!) and our number one lady for all things product-related and blog-friendly...


Meet our eCommerce Associate + Resident Blogger, Bella!

A bit about me...

I am a proud Kansas Citian, and grew up in the wonderful Brookside neighborhood, where I could often be found frequenting Jalapeños Mexican Grille and Foo's Fabulous Frozen Custard. I "graduated" from Mizzou last May, with a degree in Journalism and an emphasis in Strategic Communication + Copywriting. I say "graduated" because, like many other 2020 graduates, any and all official celebrations + ceremonies were cancelled. (Do I sound bitter?) Entering the workforce in a time of such turmoil and confusion was definitely a challenge, but luckily during that time I was able to find my way to G&P.

In late July, my aunt, who knew about G&P because she owns a similar shop in Columbia, sent me Golden & Pine's "We're Hiring!" message via Instagram. I hadn't heard about Golden & Pine until then, but was immediately drawn to the gorgeous display of products on the Instagram, and felt especially enchanted by the extensive ethical Maker section on the website. It closely aligned with how I wanted to shop.

I began as the eCommerce Associate, in charge of all things product, maker descriptions and pricing. With G&P being such a small team, I have been able to explore certain interests outside of my set role. As I graduated with a degree in journalism and have an affinity for writing, I got to take on the blog, and have been writing everything since I began in August. I am also beginning to expand a bit into the marketing arena, which is another big interest of mine.

And while my main role is within eCommerce + Blog, it is also important for all members of the team to work on the sales floor, to become familiar with the product, the makers + our lovely customers.

What being an ethical consumer means to me...

Ethical consumption in our world today is not only a wonderful activity to participate in, but an incredibly important + extremely necessary act. As we take the time to actually consider the impact of our purchases, we can discover that not only are we impacting our day-to-day, but also the environment, business owners + artisans. So why not choose ethical when making a purchase? Why not choose to support a local business, an artisan who handcrafts everything meticulously with care + love, or a business that is environmentally sustainable in all that they do?

My overall advice would be to give thought to all of your purchases. You'd be surprised by the amount of similar products (in terms of looks + price) that are comparable to the products from large corporations. Seek out lesser known makers, do a quick search on Etsy, shop locally, and explore thrift shops. The first time I considered ethical shopping was within the realm of fashion, as I attempted to eradicate fast fashion pieces from my wardrobe and instead invest in pieces that were well made + durable. Something that helped me in particular was an app called Good On You, which rates brands based on their ethical practices + sustainability efforts. 

A Golden & Pine maker I admire...

A G&P maker that I especially love is ABLE, a new maker to us. ABLE is a sustainable fashion brand that invests in, educates + trains women in need so they can earn a living, break the cycle of poverty, and thrive. ABLE's story began in Ethiopia, as the founders encountered women who were coming out of the commercial sex industry, in need of jobs. ABLE taught them to make scarves, and found great success in their efforts. We carry their line of jewelry specifically, which is all handmade with care in Nashville, Tennessee.

Below are a few of my favorite pieces by ABLE. The Celine Ring rarely leaves my finger, and I can't wait to add to my collection - all of ABLE's jewelry is great for layering + building upon. Be sure to check our website for new ABLE products, as we are hoping to expand our line with them soon!


My style...

I don't think my style quite fits into a set category. It reads a bit more like a recipe, but not one with very precise measurements: A heaping dollop of Mid-Century Modern, a glug of Industrial and a pinch of Minimalism. After baking on 350 degrees for 25 minutes, the results should include notes of exposed brick, sleek, steel counters, show-stopping vintage pieces and organic, bright pieces of artwork (preferably on a gallery wall with lots of texture + variety.) 

Natural light is extremely important to me, and I love organically shaped furniture that makes a statement with seemingly minimal effort. However, it's important that the final product is not too cluttered, so that each distinctive piece can be appreciated in its full glory (plus, I have a tendency to let things get very messy...) 

Pictured below is a beloved space in my home, that I think best resembles my style at the moment. 

My favorite Golden & Pine products...

These are just a few of my favorite products at Golden and Pine. You can check out my entire collection of products by clicking here, or searching "Bella Collection" on our website


You can typically find me in the store every Tuesday! I love chatting with customers about our ethical makers + and can often be found drooling over any of our cookbooks throughout the store. Come stop in and say hi! 

Interested in learning more about the rest of our girl gang? Check out our most recent post about our Store Manager, Carly!



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