Valentines Day Gift Guide

We have reached that time of the year again when, despite the weather forecast growing defiantly colder as awards shows fill our tv screens, there is a notable and almost imperceptible pinkish glow that settles into the air. Almost as quickly as chocolate boxes + heart shaped cards appear on drug store shelves, they are gone. Empty shoeboxes become cherished belongings, as they will soon be transformed into wondrous creations of colored paper + hot glue - a huge source of pride among elementary school students everywhere. Panic ensues as flower deliveries are scheduled and cute yet ultimately impractical teddy bears are haphazardly tossed in shopping carts. And as with every other time of gift-giving, Golden & Pine is here to aid in your shopping affairs. We have collected + compiled a range of products that we believe are thoughtful, ethical + defy your average V-Day stereotypes of promise rings and his & hers mugs. Whether you're grabbing a gift for your SO, your most cherished friends (dare we say Galentines), a family member, or for yourself (because who said Valentines Day couldn't be about self-love?) we've got you covered.

Without further ado, the Valentine's Day gift guide...



Taper Candles  /  Landscape Matchbox  /  Whiskey + Wine Clay Earrings  /  Speckled Jewelry Tray & Boxes  /  Appointed Co. Notebooks  /  Geometry Tea Towels  /  Able Gold Jewelry  /  Object Enthusiast Ceramic Tray  /  Kazi Woven Baskets  /  Vday Cards  /  Happy Habitat Blanket  /  Color is Life Print  /  Heart Talk Book  /  Peach & Pebble Planters 


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