Meet the Team: Emma

Hi guys! I’m Emma. We’ve probably “met” before - I’m in the shop a couple of days a week and have been at G&P since September 2019.

At G&P, you may find me: wandering around the store on my phone. (I’m posting Instagram Stories! Promise!) I help at G&P with a whole lot of things - mostly with marketing needs and the day to day functions of the store.

Before joining the team at G&P, I was: working as a commercial interior designer. It’s a long story - but I’ll give you the short version. I graduated with a degree in Interior Design from Kansas State University. For 3 years, I worked as an interior designer for commercial architecture firms. While I was never bored, I was always exhausted. About a year ago, I was desperate for a break from the chronic stress - so I took the break! I left my job with the intention of going back to architecture but never did. With time, I’ve realized that career path was not for me, and I’ve been enjoying taking on new creative challenges!

I am passionate about: dogs & disco balls.

To me, being an ethical consumer means: thoughtfully considering your purchases every time you hit the “checkout now” button. I’m not perfect at it, but I am trying to challenge myself to ask: “Who is behind this business? Where did this product come from and who made it? What does this company do to support their employees?” As consumers, we have power every time we purchase. I want to support businesses who are honest, transparent, and care deeply about people and the planet.

My must-have G&P products are:

Katherine Moes Bells // Each one is a piece of art. They look so beautiful hanging in a duo on a gallery wall or on that weird wall you never found the right thing for. Plus, they are my favorite go-to gift. 

Injiri Pillows //  I'm a big fan of texture and detail. Each pillow has the most beautiful embroidery paired with high-contrast patterns. Sign me up. 

Tatine Forest Floor Candle // Probably the strangest smelling candle I've ever come across... but in a good way. Think: a rainy day in Northern California meets dirt meets a warm spring afternoon. I'm obsessed. 

Appointed Notebook // I'm a snob when it comes to notebooks. This one is perfection. Soft, grid paper with a spiral binding AND a simple yet beautiful cover? I'll take 10. 

Uashmama Paper Bags // I hate repotting plants in planters. It's the worst, I don't care what anyone says. Some have drainage holes, some don't - which inevitably leads to me leaking water all over my shelves. These paper bags save me from having to commit to a planter & I can repurpose them to hold towels, pencils, etc.

On my days off, you can find me: hanging out at Oddly Correct or Ca Va, depending on the time of day.

My favorite spot in my home is: a cozy corner in my office/studio. Everything in here has a lot of meaning to me & gives me inspiration on cloudy days. 

Thanks for reading along & learning a bit more about me. I hope to see your lovely faces in the shop very soon! 

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