Summertime Sippin' - Glassware Collection

It's almost uncanny - once the weather hits 80 degrees, our urge to sip on something boozy in the sunlight hits an all time high. And why try fighting it? Indulge. And while you're at it, make sure you're doing it in style, with our one-of-a-kind collection of glassware that, quite frankly, makes the drinks taste even sweeter. Trust us on this one.

Scroll to peruse our most popular glassware (some serious eye candy!) and discover our go-to product pairings with each glassware showstopper. Need a little direction when it comes to actually filling the glasses? We included some G&P-approved cocktails from the holy grail of drink books: Prosecco Made Me Do It and Tequila Made Me Do It

Hello summertime cocktails, it's been awhile.  

 This Tumbler Set seriously outshines everything around it. They're casual yet totally chic, and we can't get enough of them. 
Drink Pairing: Tequila Mojito | Page 64 of Tequila Made Me Do It

Drinking out of funky glasses is so in this summer - Well, it is at G&P (and we get to call the shots!) Fill it with your favorite cocktail or throw some flowers in there when you need it as a vase. These Metropole Vases offer the kind of flexibility that we need in our lives. 
Pairs well with Positano Pop | Page 64 of Prosecco Made Me Do It


There's something about the color pink and dried florals that just... works. And this organic, effortlessly curvy glassware takes it to a whole new level. 
Pairs well with Mimosa Sud (pictured above!) | Page 79 of Prosecco Made Me Do It



The cool + calm charm of white-rimmed margarita glasses and a styled tabletop offers a refreshing respite from the heat of the sun. 
Drink Pairing: Coconut Paloma | Page 59 of Tequila Made Me Do It

The! vibes! are! immaculate! Either take us to the sandy beaches of Playa Del Carmen, or give us these tropical Sobremesa glasses. Either works. 
Drink Pairing: Any tequila drink | So basically, anything in Tequila Made Me Do It

Ah yes, we couldn't talk glassware without showing off our bestselling Hawkins Chroma Glass. The most beautiful, subtle color pops that will impress the pants off your friends at any party. And be sure to get the last of these before they're gone - because once they're gone, it's for good (big sigh). 
Drink Pairing: Sangrita Sweet (and be sure to have a Chroma Pitcher full to the brim at the ready!) | Page 51 of Tequila Made Me Do It


Still haven't quite gotten your fill of glassware yet? Shop our entire Glassware Collection now. 

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