Stocking Stuffers

For years, stocking stuffers have been treated with disrespect. We as a society have been brainwashed into believing that these tiny presents are nearly always last minute gifts - the ones that you purchase in a slight panic at the store checkout, and toss haphazardly into the bottom of the stocking, only to be forgotten until they are opened on Christmas morning. But no longer will they be considered an afterthought, for this winter is the season of the stocking stuffer. And here at Golden & Pine, we take the stuffing of stockings very seriously. Read on for our all access guide into the world of the small but mighty. 

Big Sur Room Spray | Picture this. Your hiking boots crush fallen cedar needles, their scent enveloping the air. You smell the bonfire before you see it, its smokey tendrils reaching desperately towards the sky. You are hit with a blast of sweet, salty air. Ahhhh. But more realistically, you are in your room. And you’ve just sprayed some Big Sur Room Spray. 

Incense Cones | These no fuss cones are the perfect, mess-free gift for incense lovers everywhere. From scents like winter pine to lavender, we have everyone’s go-to fragrance covered. 

Cheetah Matchbox | One of the cutest gift combinations is a candle and unique matchbox to display with it. We particularly love this chic cheetah option, perfect for the big cat lover in your life. 

Palo Santo Bundle | Next up on our G&P fragrance tour (who knew we had so many delightful aromas to share!) we give you our Palo Santo Bundle. With sweet notes of pine, mint and lemon, the Palo Santo Bundle will leave any room smelling refreshed and invigorated. And as an added bonus, it's sustainably harvested from naturally fallen branches.

Amber Woods Votive Candle | Small but mighty, this 2.5 oz candle proves its worth with its 20-hour burn time and emits luscious notes of warm amber, night blooming jasmine, peppercorn, vetiver + patchouli. 

White Fir Candle | This White Fir candle packs a punch as it delivers the unmistakable scent of the Holidays with notes of Douglas, Spruce and Fraser firs.

Real Fun Wow Matchboxes | If you haven’t heard of Daren Thomas Magee, the talent behind Real Fun, Wow! then click here (you’re welcome). We at G&P are lucky enough to carry matchboxes with his inspiring, organic designs on them. Snag these incredible matchboxes for the creative in your life! 

Yield Soap - White Sage + Poivre | If someone had told us that hand soap would ever be considered a thoughtful and highly anticipated holiday gift, we would've laughed. But seriously, this soap is as good as it gets. It cleans as well as it hydrates - and it does both very well. 

Superb Lip Balm | We’ve recently added lip balm to our inventory offerings at Golden & Pine, and these little guys have been a huge success. Choose from the flavor offerings of grapefruit, lemon rosemary + creamsicle, and treat your lips to the most natural of ingredients and pure essential oils. 

Facial Brush | These days, nothing gets us more excited than a fantastic skin care product, and this facial brush by Iris Hantverk takes the cake. Its bristles are soft but not too delicate, making it perfect for dry brushing your face and exfoliating before you cleanse. Plus all of the products made by Iris Hantverk are handmade by visually impaired craftsmen. Purchase with intent this holiday season - this facial brush is good for the complexion and the soul! 

Goody Hoops | Like a little piece of candy for the ear, these Goody Hoops by Seattle based company Baleen are perfect for dressing up a casual look. 

Minnow Necklace | Gifting handmade jewelry via stocking is a trend I think we all need to get on (hint hint, Mom.) This gold plated Minnow necklace is a silky and gorgeous addition to the neck. It can be worn boldly on its own, or with a sophisticated layer - the opportunities are endless.  

Matte Gold Bottle Opener | This classy, matte gold bottle opener brings a level of bright, holiday charm to any occasion. 

Stainless Steel Straws | Sustainable, stylish and ethically made by artisans in Vietnam? It doesn’t get much better. 

Year Task Book | Appointed notebooks are top picks among the staff at G&P, and the Year Task Book is perfect for the detailed planner in your life. 

Hand Sanitizer | As gifting soap has become a trend this season, so too has been the gifting of hand sanitizer. And our sanitizer is totally functional (it has serious germ-killing capabilities) but also smells delicious. We’re talking bergamot + chamomile level deliciousness. 

Wooden Tree + House Object | These quirky yet tasteful wooden trees and houses add a handmade touch to the holiday display.  

Mixed Sphere Drink Rocks | Want to know the key to a whiskey aficionado’s heart? Marble, Quartz + Sodalite drink rocks. Trust us, these rocks keep drinks ice cold. Plus they look pretty swanky sitting in a glass. 

White Marble Coaster Set | Coasters are always a yes when it comes to gift-giving. And you really can’t go wrong with this gorgeous white set. 

Seashell Spoons | What a nice surprise it would be to discover this adorable little set of seashell spoons in your stocking! These cuties are perfect for dishing out all kinds of spices, and are often used at dinner parties for fairies. 

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