Shelf Styling: A Before and After

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When it comes to getting a space just right, there are certain areas that can be particularly challenging. An area that we see over and over causing our clients a headache? Bookshelves. How do you fill them without causing clutter? How do you create consistency without leaning too “matchy matchy”? What new items should be brought in to compliment the current pieces? For the design team, these questions are some of our favorites to dig into and collaborate on when planning for our clients.

Recently we worked on bookshelves for our client who just wrapped up a stunning home renovation. Already having a great assortment of items on the shelves and beautiful built ins to work with, our focus was to pair the shelves down to create a light and bright area that allowed each piece to have a moment to shine without overpowering the room. To do this, we focused on a few key elements.

Cohesive Frames

We loved all the framed photos on the bookshelves that our client had of her family- nothing makes a space more personal! Our goal here was to streamline the frames by keeping them in the same neutral color palate so that the focus could be on the displayed memories as a family.

Pairing Decorative Pieces Intentionally

We all have decorative pieces that we want on display because they have a special meaning to us. When approaching the shelves, we wanted each to have a “moment” which meant keeping things minimal. Pairing a decorative piece with a stack of books, a frame, or a plant let them shine while also complimenting another item. When it came to larger pieces, we let them shine on their own!


At the end of the day, we all need extra storage for functionality which we wanted to give to our client. To keep things light and bright we utilized baskets which allowed functionality, unity, and warmth through a natural texture. Varying the sizes used kept the shelves fresh and allowed for varying storage needs: a win win!

Plants, Plants, Plants

Lastly, we love to literally give life to a styling by optimizing on plants. Lucky for us, our client already had such a lovely assortment that we united through mixing woven and ceramic pots.


We love how this project turned out for our client and their family! Interested in a bit of help styling your own home and/or bookshelves? We’re always here to help.
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