Meet the Team: Maggie

Hey, I'm Maggie, the newest member of Golden & Pine. I'm sure some of you have gotten a hand written note in a mailed package from me or watched one of my videos on the Golden & Pine instagram. I can't wait to meet all of you in person but until then here's a little bit about me!

I grew up in a small town near here, after college work took me to Houston TX, where I met my now husband. We got married last August then moved to our Kansas City downtown apartment after the wedding. Our most recent adventure has been that last month we bought our first house, a 1950s ranch style fixer upper in Prairie Village that we lovingly call “Ole Blue.” 

(Our Houston Apartment/ my first Interior Design project)

Houston Apartment

At G&P, you may find me: I haven't been able to actually be IN the shop long, but moving forward I see myself: chatting with customers talking about products and suggesting where it would look best in their home. Being the interior design assistant at G&P, my goal is to give the best design advice so you feel confident about every purchase!

Before joining the team at G&P, I was: This is a long one so I'll sum it up the best I can!

I majored in Health Science at MSSU. As most college kids do I changed my mind on my long term career path almost daily. Most of my half baked plans included something creative and entrepreneurial but I never could nail down what my “dream job” was. My senior year after a couple major changes I finally landed on pharmaceutical sales. I love helping people and talking a lot so boom career match made in heaven. (I actually like talking so much when I was little my parents would take “talking” away from me as a form of punishment. True story.)

The summer after college I started with a neuroscience pharmaceutical company. After a lot of trial and error I found my groove and turns out I was actually pretty good at it. I stayed with the company for four years and learned so much, but I couldn’t help feeling that creative longing creep back in and started drawing up the "dream job" plans again. As much as I loved helping people in that way, as time went on I realized it didn’t truly make me happy.

I read this quote in a book by Leanne Ford (an interior designer I greatly admire) and it summed it up perfectly. It was advice given by her father when SHE herself thought about going into pharmaceutical sales instead of something creative: “Don’t major in minors. Think big picture. Make sure that when you get to the top of the corporate ladder, you don’t look down, and look over, and say, “Oh shoot. Wrong ladder!”

I was definitely on the wrong ladder. 

I’ve always had a passion for interiors. No matter if it was my fancy apartment in the city or the cedar storage closet that was deemed “my room” after my younger sister was born, I've always loved making spaces my own. I’m also a problem solver by nature, I could find 10 ways around a “no” to make it a “yes.” I love looking at a space and seeing what it can be, and sometimes that means thinking outside the box and cutting the corners off a square peg so it can fit in a round hole. Problem solved.

With an amazing amount of support and a great big push from my husband. I left my job, started interior designer school and never looked back. Best decision I ever made. I graduated last July, have been freelancing since then and am now the interior design assistant at Golden and Pine.

II can’t wait to share my vision and help people make their house a home!

(Our Downtown KC Apartment/ Cash looking "thrilled" I'm taking his picture)

Downtown Apartment

I am passionate about: DIY house projects with my husband, our Australian shepherd “Cash” and all things neutral.

To me, being an ethical consumer means: Thinking about people/things beyond yourself. Taking the extra time to shop ethical and sustainable is helping better the lives of the people who are making your products, by treating them with respect and fairness; but also thinking about the earth, and in a small way trying to leave it better than you found it.

My must-have G&P products are: 

Golden & Pine-Maggie's Must Have Items

Disk Chimes, Granite Speckle // These chimes are so delicate and pretty. They are so minimal but at the same time make a statement on the wall. So fun.

Maiz Basket // I love the texture of this basket. I am currently using it in our living room to hold our throw blankets.

Amber Woods Signature Candle // I have this candle in our home at all times. I love the warm scent of the amber, its so cozy, makes me feel so at home.

Horsehair Glass Brush // I'm a sucker for pretty functional items. This dish brush will get your glasses clean and look cute on your sink counter when you're done.

Tatine Hand Soap & Lotion // Sadly we are sold out of both the soap and lotion in this scent(pine orange bitters) but it such a staple I know we will restock! The scent is so earthy from the pine and bright from the orange, I love it! 

On my days off, you can find me: painting the walls of our new house. I love a neutral color palette so we have been painting every room in the house white! When I'm not painting I like to spend nice weather evenings enjoying a drink on a patio with good friends. (hopefully we can start doing that again soon!)

My favorite spot in my home is: Our sunroom! I love all the natural light it gets and the big windows make it so I can watch my husband and puppy play in the backyard.

(Our Sunroom in "Ole Blue")



Thank you for reading and getting to know me a little more. I can't wait to meet all of you once we reopen the store! 

Maggie Signature Photo


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