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Whether you’re a store regular, a post-lunch-at-Caffeteria-shopper, an Instagram admirer, or anything in between, we think it’s important that you know the people behind the "pine"… or, more realistically, the cash wrap. In other words: the small but mighty group of hard working ladies that help make Golden & Pine shine. 

First up we have the newest member of our team, an Enneagram Two (the helper - duh), our go-to-gal for any and all of your burning questions, who you will most often find leading the team on the sales floor, styling product, chatting it up with customers and so much more.



Meet our Store Manager, Carly!


A bit about me...

I grew up in good old Overland Park, but I am now living in Prairie Village with my husband, David, sweet pup, Nellie, and our two very sociable cats, Mia and Marley. 

I attended Kansas State University and graduated with a degree in Athletic Training with hopes of pursuing Physical Therapy. When that didn't work out, I knew sales was my next move. Still in learning mode, I decided to pursue my MBA. I graduated in December 2019, but 2020 brought COVID and an unanticipated halt to my job hunt.

This past Fall, I was on Instagram and saw a posting for a part time sales position at Golden & Pine. Interior design has been a long time passion of mine, and I love the fact that G&P supports local + international artisans. It was fate! I began as a Keyholder, but have now been given the opportunity to step into the role of Store Manager.

With my MBA, it was always a goal of mine to manage a small team some day. I love that I get to mix my passion for interior design and my formal education in this role.

What being an ethical consumer means to me...

I try my best to avoid fast fashion. When it's time to part with my items, I always donate what I can. Additionally, I support businesses that believe firmly in equal rights and humanity in general. It's so refreshing to work for a company that's foundation is in ethical buying. And in turn, it makes our clients ethical consumers as well!

My advice to those who are trying to become ethical shoppers: take the time to learn about where your pieces come from, who makes them, and what materials are used. It can be tough, but make an effort to invest in quality pieces that you can use for a long time, as opposed to purchasing things quickly and cheaply. 

A Golden & Pine maker I admire...

I am a huge fan of Katherine Moes. She's a local artist and creates the most beautiful ceramic bells, wall hangings, and bud vases. Her bells are my go-to gift. They come in all different types of colors and textures -  you just really can't go wrong with them. 

But ultimately, it's her story that first drew me in. Ceramics was what she referred to as her "reawakening." I know what it's like to find something in life that brings you unexpected peace, and the fact that she can take that time to produce something so beautiful is amazing.

My style...

My style is such a mix - I always joke about needing two houses so I can do everything I want to a house without making it look ridiculous! I love bright and natural with pops of color. But then to completely contrast my previous statement, I tend to gravitate towards darker colors. Even when I go "bright," it's still moody. Sometimes I like my spaces to look a little edgier, like my sunroom, but other times I prefer light and fresh. 

So given my wide range of styling avenues, I don't think I can give you an all encompassing term that defines it. Overall, I think it represents my personality - I'm a fairly laid back person, but I am confident in my opinions and not afraid to share my thoughts. So, to put it within the style context, a neutral, (laid back) base with pops of color (sometimes moody, sometimes light + refreshing) - I cover the whole spectrum!

My favorite Golden & Pine products...

These are just a few of my favorite products at Golden and Pine. You can check out my entire collection of products by clicking here, or searching "Carly Collection" on our website. 

My favorite spot in my home...

I think describing my favorite spot in the house, my sunroom, might provide more insight into my style. It's the first DIY room that my husband and I took on together.

When we first moved in, the room was bright, but felt a bit sterile. It had white carpet which, if you know me, is not my cup of tea. Area rugs, always. We ripped up the carpet and laid some luxury laminate flooring down, to match the original color of our house's 1929 hardwoods. As a nod to my love of moody accents, we decided on a gorgeous, forest green wall color. We added it to the wall facing the windows, to give the room some character, but still keep it bright. The decor in the room includes a bar and our beloved record player.

This is the space where we host friends, and we wanted it to have a casual feel, but also have a bit of a cool, edgy vibe to it. 


I'm on the floor interacting with customers and merchandising the store almost every day of the week! And while I personally gravitate towards gorgeous rugs and moody pops-of-color, I love to help customers discover their own personal style. Come in and chat with me! 

Interested in staying up-to-date on Carly's go-to decor? Shop her collection HERE, or search "Carly's Collection" on our website. We will be continuously updating it with her new favorites!

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