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It’s no secret that as of late we have all become extremely familiar with the interior of our homes. And in doing so, we've been forced to confront the fact that our living space may need a bit of a touch up, something that was once easy to ignore. Know that you’re not alone in feeling that way: statistics show that this past summer and fall, people have been making serious investments in their home, as they’re spending less going to restaurants, taking vacations, etcetera. As it just so happens, we adore helping make home interiors beautiful, comfortable and stylish and have loved getting to help people perfect their spaces this year.  Interested in seeing what our services actually look like? Read on to learn about our recent interior design project with Kansas City creatives John and Katy Hornaday, most of which took place virtually, except for one day of in-person styling and a photoshoot, all masked and socially distant. 

John and Katy, who both work in advertising and marketing, are outgoing and funky in all that they do, and their home is no exception. Their spacious pad is unique, full of modern art, neon accents and bold design. They reached out to us for help with their bedroom, requesting a slight departure from their upbeat home in asking for a calm + neutral retreat.

The problem areas outlined by Katy were the window placement did not allow the bed to center under the chandelier, the chandelier was incredibly bright and not at all restful, there was no rug (missing that cozy!), and the grey walls felt a bit dreary.  John and Katy wanted to reuse some existing staple furniture pieces, including their bed, dresser, nightstands and chair. They wanted a bedroom that emulated calm, but we also knew that we had to throw in a few hints of bright fun to tie it in with the rest of their home. 

Enter Neutral Neon aka Neutral Not Boring!  We love a neutral room more than the average person, but one cannot give an all neutral bedroom to a couple with neon yellow kitchen chairs!  I immediately thought of this room filed in our pinterest pages that features neon pops in an otherwise all neutral room. 

Neutral Neon InspirationInspo pic via Domino

The boho shaggy lumbar pillow set the color scheme for the room, which picked up the neon from their kitchen chairs while the blue in it matches the sectional in their living room. We kept all the investment pieces like the rug and bedding more neutral, allowing them to adjust the room vibe down the road with just the switch of a few pillows.  

Golden & Pine Neutral Neon Master BedroomGolden & Pine Neutral Neon Master Bedroom

The layout essentially remained the same but decided the lesser of two evils was to cheat the bed in front of the window to center it under the decorative ceiling and chandelier and balance the room.  We also added a neutral grey and ivory Husk Rug by Armadillo + Co, which further anchored and centered the bed.

Golden & Pine Neutral Neon Master Bedroom

For the bedding, we chose our favorite linen quilt and sham set, known for its lightweight and incredibly soft qualities. In terms of color, we decided on a neutral, taupe grey which went beautifully with Katy and John's existing simple, white duvet cover. The couple finds duvet covers are more work than they are worth, so we recommended folding it at the end of the bed for those extra chilly nights, and then using the no-fuss linen quilt for everything else. 

We swapped out their original chandelier for one of our favorite Blu Dot chandeliers that perfectly merges modern and natural.  As an added bonus, it casts a fun pattern on the ceiling when it's on - more texture for the room! 

Golden & Pine Neutral Neon Master Bedroom

A full length mirror was added to the room for those necessary morning outfit checks, but it also aids in bouncing light around the space. 

Then came the small details of the room. With the neutral plus restful mindset in mind, we styled with lush, feathery pampas grass, speckled ceramics and amber-hued glassware perfect for an evening nightcap.

Golden & Pine Neutral Neon Master Bedroom

Golden & Pine Neutral Neon Master Bedroom

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Golden & Pine offers interior design services, a rapidly growing and exciting element of our store. With the combined expertise of Stephanie Agne, founder and owner of Golden & Pine, and Maggie Routon, our talented interior design with an affinity for all things neutral, you can get design help for any room in your home. To learn more, check out our styling services here.  During our first COVID closure, we had a number of clients reach out for services, and it was very easy to work virtually to design fresh spaces for them - we are totally happy to do that, or socially distanced and masked in person.

Feel free to shoot us an email inquiry at, give us a call at (913) 521-2300 or swing by the store to chat!

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