Our Latest Living Room Design ft. Our New Favorite Rug

When I was at the Loloi showroom during my time at the Las Vegas Market, I fell in LOVE with one of their newest pieces, The Helena Rug Collection.  While the rug itself incorporates a bit of that hooked look that is typically too traditional for me -"hooked" meaning the rug loops are really visible and the patterns are accentuated - this one had such a nice, easygoing vibe when I finally saw it in person. 

We’re currently working on an interior design project for a client who describes her style as bright, light and somewhat coastal inspired (but only in the non-cheesy way!) and I thought the Helena Rug Collection in a few different styles would be a great starting point in the design process. We came up with three different room styles, all of which have a different variation of the Helena Rug to set the tone in each board. 

And one last thing before we dive in! When it comes to rug styling, there are quite a few useful tips and tricks. Check out our Rug Styling blog for a crash course in the art of styling your showstopper. 

Okay, now let's get started.  

Option 1

In the first board I created, I incorporated our client's coastal love only through the colors - light blue in the rug and calming, nature-inspired tonality in all of the furnishings. Our client had sent quite a few inspiration pictures that included cane wood, so I made sure to reference that in a wonderfully comfy yet stunning side chair.  I kept all of the wood tones slightly rustic (a nod to driftwood, perhaps?) and used durable, family-friendly materials like performance fabrics and leather. This family loves to lounge and enjoy time together over evening TV, so we really went all in on the sofa. Our goal was to ensure their entire family of four could lay down for movie nights, and we built out a custom Chill Sectional for them - it includes two chaise lounges and an armless sofa.  Luckily our clients long, narrow living room can handle this incredible, versatile sectional! 

Option 2

We always like to give our clients a few options in the early stages of our design process. So for this second rendering, we used another favorite Helena Rug color way to lead the scheme.  This rug has more neutral, beige and tan tones, with subtle hints of blue (which got us excited about building that big ol' sectional in a pretty grey + blue).  We stuck with family-friendly leathers and woods, but slightly shifted the tone and overall vibe.  


Option 3

For the last option, we departed from coastal tones ever so slightly to accommodate an option that references a large, vaulted natural brick fireplace in the room. In the top two scenarios, we recommend painting the fireplace white (which, by the way, always looks incredible!), but we wanted to offer an alternative that embraced natural brick. In this version of the Helena Collection, we chose a rug that had hints of brick red, nicely complimented by a moody, charcoal grey sectional, and then completed the look with a stunning rust, velvet accent chair. Leather worked well here as well, and we were happy to incorporate our favorite Sling Chairs into this look. We pulled in a sturdy coffee table (that looks like a huge driftwood sculpture) and kept the light wood on the media console to layer in some warm, wood tones. We also added the most adorable rattan lamp we’ve ever seen, as a final, subtle nod to their coastal style. 

Soooo, which one is your favorite?  Any guesses what our client picked? We would love to hear from you!


As you may or may not know, Golden & Pine offers interior design services, a rapidly growing and exciting element of our store. With the combined expertise of Stephanie Agne, founder and owner of Golden & Pine, and Maggie Routon, our talented interior design with an affinity for all things neutral, you can get design help for any room in your home. To learn more, check out our styling services here

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