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You may or may not know that Golden & Pine is more than an ethical home goods store - we also offer interior design services. Have a room or two that you are interested in reimagining? Read on to see some of our work and learn about one of our most recent projects with Haley Harrison, a nightly news reporter in Kansas City.

Haley's style throughout her home is neutral and minimal. Her spaces feature quite a bit of natural light, and the objects that fill her home are simple, elegant and often sentimental. Haley first came to us after she purchased one of our sofas. She then hired us to reimagine + redesign her living room space for herself, her husband and two daughters, with their new gorgeous piece of furniture as a focal point. 

The living room is the first thing seen upon entering the house, so it was important to Haley that it be aesthetically beautiful yet undeniably comfortable. The sofa Haley chose was a dark, charcoal grey (the logic: dark color easily covers all kid-related stains!), so we felt it was important that everything else be light + bright to create some necessary contrast. That was the guiding motivation behind the rest of our decisions. 

The fireplace anchors the room so we suggested they paint it white instead of the gray that it originally was. We scattered green plants around the base of the fireplace, throwing quirky color pops into the mix.

We chose the pleasantly snug Bouty Chair in white linen to fill out the room, while also creating nice contrast with the deep charcoals of the sofa. 

Haley opted to keep her raw wood + black metal coffee table, which created great natural variance in the now all-white room. We then chose organic, Oak Side Tables to tie in the wooden coffee table, but made sure to do so in a way that there wasn't an overwhelming amount of light wood. 

Haley's white, natural floors went beautifully with the cream colored rug we chose. As an added bonus, the rug has grey accents to help hide stains.

When it came to the accent portion of the project, we wanted to remain consistent in our neutral theme and selected an ivory throw, which incorporated an earthy, woven texture into the space.

Then came big pillow decisions - one of our favorite things to do at Golden & Pine. We needed something that would pop on the charcoal sectional, which led us to settle on a white + ivory pillow color palette. 

We did diverge from the light + bright pillow theme when it came to the Bouty Chair pillow accent. After deciding darker could in fact be better in certain situations, we went for a pillow with personality.

Haley's final mantel presentation incorporated a few pieces she already had, like the vases and woven gold baskets. Interestingly enough, the basket was purchased years ago from our original Brookside location. We wove in rust colored tapers with oak holders for a subtle statement on the all-white fireplace, that nicely tied in the natural wood laying beside it. We also added a grey, handmade pottery dish as well as some bud vases to grow Haley's grey vase collection.

Big windows and skylights naturally lightened the space, so we took a minimalistic route in terms of lighting. A fun, modern table lamp was thrown into the mix - which casts a subtle light during the day, but projects a bold glow into the night. It has three brightness settings, to cater to any and all evening moods.

For the sake of comparison, here is a peak at Haley's living room before its reimagining. 


And that's a wrap! A designer's ultimate dream is personalizing spaces in a way that fits the client's needs both stylistically but also functionally, and we are happy to say that we managed to achieve that during this exciting project.  

As you may or may not know, Golden & Pine offers interior design services, a rapidly growing and exciting element of our store. With the combined expertise of Stephanie Agne, founder and owner of Golden & Pine, and Maggie Routon, our talented interior design with an affinity for all things neutral, you can get design help for any room in your home. To learn more, check out our styling services here. 

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