Golden & Pine Turns Five Years Old!

Golden & Pine's doors first opened at a small, quiet shop in East Brookside, five years ago to this day. Since then, G&P has enjoyed a huge wave of support from Kansas City locals, made lifelong connections with artisans locally + abroad, offered our interior design services to many throughout KC, increased our following to all over the country, and moved into + flourished in a bigger space in Prairie Village. Add Covid 19 in there, and it's really been quite a ride. A wild, incredible ride. And I think that calls for a bit of celebration. 

Join us March 20th as we celebrate five years of Golden & Pine with live music, refreshments, party favors and, of course, a sale!  Can’t make it Saturday? Swing by Sunday 11-4 to grab great deals before they are gone!

At the five year mark, it’s been FUN to think about how far we’ve come since March 19th, 2017.  

You're all familiar with the Golden & Pine of today, but do you think you'd be able to recognize the Golden & Pine of years past? Let's go back to the beginning, when the seeds of Golden & Pine were first sewn. 

I've always had a passion for interior design and home goods, and started to feel like there were not enough local options that really captured the home goods and furniture side of things well.  I also had a passion and commitment to buying ethically made goods. But back then, no large retailers were transparent with how and where things were made.  After spending five years away from Kansas City, I was exposed to a lot of remarkable brands that I knew were not being sold in my hometown. So I thought, why not bring it here? 

Our first "storefront" was not actually the Brookside locale that many of you may know. It was a tiny, pop-up tent overflowing with GP goodies.  

Our very first pop-up was called CRAFT and was at Crown Center. We did 5 - 6 more after that.  Our most successful event came from a partnership with locally made food products and farmers. This experience confirmed my theory that people who care about where their food comes from also care about where their goods come from! We still have customers today that found us at that show. 

Opening day in Brookside, which consisted of myself and my two employees, was a great surprise for me! I expected it to be exclusively friends and family, but at least half of the people who showed up were strangers! It was incredible. 

Brookside Golden & Pine had one vintage, reupholstered sofa so we had a place to display pillows and a few bistro tables, but otherwise it was all smalls. From there, our Instagram took off (boy do I miss the days Instagram displayed images chronologically!) and the rest is history. 

We still carry 6 of the brands that have been with us since the very beginning. Think you know which ones? These incredible brands have stood the test of time, for obvious reasons. It's time to brag on them a bit. 

I first discovered Tatine at the New York City Market, and it was love at first sight. Well, smell, actually. A female owned business for over 15 years, all Tatine candles are hand poured using natural ingredients in Chicago. These candles are elegant, fill an entire room with their scent, and produce balanced, earthy scents that appeal to just about everybody. They are our consistent best sellers. If you haven't tried one yet... You're missing out. 


I originally bought Creative Women towels because of their classic beauty and the organization's support of the health, education and financial stability of female artisans in Ethiopia. But have since continued to buy them because time has proven that these towels wash PERFECTLY. Seriously, just throw them in the washer + dryer. You will never have to iron them. As it turns out, every single customer needs one in their powder room - if not three. And, exciting news! We are partnering exclusively with Creative Women to bring custom designs your way this spring. 


If you had told me Golden & Pine would sell yarn wrapped horseshoes for over 5 years, I simply wouldn't have believed you. Somehow, SoCal based Cindy Tung manages to take yarn and horseshoes and transform it into a perfectly adorable piece of art. The PERFECT house warming gift, these lucky horseshoes adorn peepholes, gallery walls and coffee tables everywhere. We keep it fresh by partnering with Cindy to come up with exclusive G&P colorways in neutral, bright and muted palettes. 


Be Home is an ethical home retailer’s dream. They partner with artisans all over the world to create the best in on-trend kitchenware. Their spoon rests, marble + acacia boards and carafes have been some of our best sellers of all time in the shop and they consistently keep us well stocked on their new designs. 


I first fell in love with Convivial's natural + white planters as I opened the shop. They were such a great offering, and I loved that Convivial was a local, female owned business producing ceramics right here in KC. It doesn't get much better for Golden & Pine! Convivial has exploded since we first started with her, and we’re so happy to have established a great relationship and are able to be stockists of her Sand Dinnerware and Planter lines.  


 All in all, Golden & Pine wouldn't be where it is without your unwavering support. By taking the time to shop at Golden & Pine, you are taking the time to shop locally and ethically - and the impact of that can be felt all over the world, and has been felt for the past five years. So thank you all so incredibly much. Let's celebrate five years of Golden & Pine together. 

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