Golden & Pine Designs: Modern Boho Living Room with Vintage Accents

What first comes to mind when you think of Golden & Pine? Ethical home goods? Handwoven pillows? Limitless sofa options? Well, it's time to add another word association to the web: Interior Design Boutique. Yes, we have an affinity for stylish spaces of all kinds, and we want to share that love with you, our wonderful customers. Have a room or two that you are interested in re-imagining? We are here to help. Want to see a bit of our work? Read on for our most recent project with Grace Eltiste, lover of all things boho, clean beauty aficionado + work neighbor at Welwythn.

As a door is the only thing separating our two shops, Grace was able to get a feel for the style we curate here at G&P - the perks of a shared workspace! Grace + her husband initially came in to peruse for a living room sectional, but after chatting with our interior design team, she realized that she needed a little extra help with the rest of her living room as well.

Enter our interior design services!


Grace is a kind soul with a bold bohemian style that can be found throughout the rest of the house. During the initial planning phase, we settled into bright bohemian with a neutral touch when it came to our design decisions.

Our task was to redesign the living room. The space before didn't fully showcase Grace's fun, free-spirited personality + style - it was missing that necessary, yet frustratingly elusive, "wow" factor. Luckily, we knew exactly how to make that happen for her.

Grace's living room is one of the main rooms, and therefore sets the tone for the rest of the house. Within the lens of functionality (but make it fun!) Grace confidently made decisions on all of the design elements we offered her. The main thing that she and her husband were particular about was the seating. They wanted to maximize the space as best they could while keeping the seating comfortable. Another factor - an adorable, small-horse-sized, energetic factor - was their Great Dane, Max. The interior definitely needed to be pet-friendly.

We started from scratch on everything in this room, besides one piece of furniture that belonged to Grace's grandmother - a gorgeous, deep walnut hutch. Working with cherished, sentimental pieces is one of our favorite things to do - sprinkle in a little old with the new, and bring a gorgeous piece back to its full glory. To further elevate the corner that this hutch sits in, we added a minimal stone lamp, brass wall hangings, and a handmade ceramic accent piece that compliments the golden glints of brass on the wall. This little corner of the room actually ended up being our favorite part of the entire process.

To ensure that the walnut hutch was tied into the rest of the room, we sourced our Acacia Wood Side Tables that are similar in color. As an added bonus, these side tables are small enough to float around the room when someone is in need of a drink rest, but also sturdy enough to be Max-resistant. 


The room is an elongated rectangle, so we needed a perfectly-sized sectional to fill it out, while also maintaining plenty of walkway for their 120lb fur baby who occasionally gets "the zoomies."

*aforementioned  "Zoomies" pictured below

Thankfully, our beloved furniture brand, Younger + Co., allows us to create completely customizable sofas (seriously - the options are seemingly limitless when it comes to fabric options + furniture build outs) and we were able to procure a sectional that filled out the room precisely how we intended. This particular style is The Track.  And while Max isn't allowed on the couch, we still went with a deep blue color to hide any hair or potential stains - just in case. 

As we were starting from scratch, we wanted to leave room for Grace's personal style to shine through. After we selected the large pieces, she felt inspired to source some of the finishing touches. She purchased some bright + fun desert art for her gallery wall, a nod to her bohemian personality. Grace already had some of our darling Katherine Moes bells on her wall, so we decided to hang a lovely wall basket (that can double as a bowl!) to add more texture to her collection. We pulled a couple of books, plants + blankets that Grace already had in her home, and it added that important personal element to the space. This is something we love to preserve when starting on a blank slate.

When it came to the rug, we knew that we wanted to keep it lively + boho-chic, but it also needed to be forgiving of puppy feet. Grace's favorite colors are peach + blue, and the rug we chose had both. Plus, it tied in beautifully with the navy sectional. 

And of course, would we truly be representing Golden & Pine if we didn't mention pillows? We thought the deep hues of the sofa deserved some contrast, so we procured pillows that had pops of cream + peach. And to add even more personality, we threw in a one-of-kind landscape pillow as well.

We filled out the fireplace with a medley of planters + some of our favorite baskets. We loaded the baskets with extra throw pillows and blankets to use when company comes over - if you are one of Grace's guests, consider yourself very lucky!

When it came to the coffee table, we wanted something brighter than walnut, so we went with this minimal burl wood piece. The naturally dark pattern in the wood bridged the gap between the dark + light wood in room. 

In the end, we created a space that Grace and her husband (+ Max, of course) can enjoy during their moments alone, but also be proud to show off to their friends + family. Having the opportunity to work with a client who knew exactly what they wanted and needed, but trusted our vision and abilities to make that happen for them, is such a rewarding experience. 

And for the sake of comparison, here was Grace's space before our boho-neutral redo. 

We really try to listen to our clients specific needs and accommodate that. Every client is unique and different and that's what makes our job fun. No two projects are the same and we like it that way!


As you may or may not know, Golden & Pine offers interior design services, a rapidly growing and exciting element of our store. With the combined expertise of Stephanie Agne, founder and owner of Golden & Pine, and Maggie Routon, our talented interior design with an affinity for all things neutral, you can get design help for any room in your home. To learn more, check out our styling services here

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